Difference between Professional Cleaning Products vs. Consumer Cleaning Products


Consumers are aware of the cleaning products that are manufactured by commercial brands for mass distribution and eventually find their way to the shelves of a supermarket’s household cleaning section. However, most consumers are unaware of the branded cleaning products that are intended for professional cleaners across the industries of hotels, sanitation, hospitals, food preparation and facility management.

In an article written by Rafael Echevarria, Vice President of the Global Corporate Communications of Diversey, Mr Echevarria rationalizes the clear distinction between professional cleaning products in parallel to consumer cleaning products and why Diversey does not carry the recognizable consumer brands as part of its cleaning solutions.

To better shed light between commercial and professional cleaning products, Mr. Echevarria first pointed out the concept called “Sinner’s CIrcle”, which contains four cleaning parameters:

  • Chemical – How “powerful” is the chemical, in terms of its chemical concentration? The cleaning effect can be determined on the dilution or other stronger chemicals – basing on acids and alkalis.
  • Mechanical – This is the methodology applied for cleaning or—in simpler terms—the way of removing stain. Is it by spraying water? Using a brush or a scouring pad?
  • Temperature – Pertains to the temperature of the cleaning solution. In most instances, the application of hot water in which makes it easier to clean greasy plates compared to the use of cold water.
  • Time – This is how long the cleaning process would take or the time you have in your hands.


The concept of the Sinner’s Circle is all about harmonizing the four parameters of Chemical, Mechanical, Temperature and Time in order to achieve an efficient cleaning process. If one parameter is reduced or compromised, the concept dictates that the three other parameters will have to be amplified in order to compensate. Perfect example is when washing a greasy plate in cold water. If so, you will need to use more detergent, use a brush and/or accept the fact that it will take longer to clean.

Now, what is the connection of the Sinner’s Circle to industrial sustainability? As Mr Echevarria pointed out, homes are diminutive in scale compared to industrial or professional requirements for cleaning.

Whereas in homes:

  • Home dirt is easier to clean compared to the professional market
  • At home, cleaning is less demanding when it comes to peripherals
  • household dish washing is less in volume compared to restaurants or hotels

When it comes to the professional market, imagine a home with 500 people in it—this means 500 servings of food every meal time, 500 baths and 500 people walking over the floors. That’s 500 times the dirt and the cost compared to the household. With this in mind, consumer cleaning products cannot keep up with the cleaning and hygiene requirements for this scenario.

This is where professional cleaning products are made for industrial use. The advantages of professional cleaning products by Diversey over consumer counterparts are:

  • Specially formulated to be more potent against significant build up of bacteria
  • More variations to cover various aspects of hygienic needs of facilities, equipment and people (ie customers/staff)

Cleaning speed—or productivity—is critical to the professional cleaning market since the payment is made by the hour. Imagine paying 50 people by the hour to clean a facility that was occupied by hundreds of people. Moreover, organizations that choose to cut costs by utilizing commercial products in economical packs are compromising their standards for hygiene and are not conforming to the industry best practices set when it comes to maintaining facility cleanliness.

The Industrial application of cleaning solutions need not be harmful to the environment. This is where the concept of “Green Cleaning” is emphasized. Green Cleaning is the use of cleaning products, tools, equipment and methods that not only cut cleaning costs but also significantly lessens the environmental impact.

In Europe, the European Union in its Green Public Procurement (GPP) program advocates the use of cleaning products and services that help sustain the environment. For cleaning, GPP recommends EU eco-label certified products with the following description:

“They (EU eco-label products) should therefore only be used as GPP criteria in relation to products for cleaning operations where (a) the cleaning need and performance standard required are similar to that for households and (b) the cleaning process, conditions and equipment used is similar to those used in households.”

Rafael Echevarria acknowledges the description, but points out to the big picture where the eco-friendly aspect of cleaning is not only limited to the composition of the bottle that contains the cleaning solution. Mr Echevarria further expands this truth by pointing out that the potency of Diversey’s cleaning products are effective in terms of concentration but also helps reduce the usage of water, energy, waste, transportation among many things when it comes to cleaning.

For business owners and facility management, the use of “eco-labelled” commercial cleaning products does not meet the hygienic requirements set by the industry nor does it help foster a sustainable environment. In order to cope with the demands for hygiene and maintain an effective facility management routine, Diversey carries specialized cleaning products and solutions that cover the business’ needs for cleaning and improve its customer hygiene standards.


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