Why Restrooms Affect Your Business Impression


Admit it, dirty restrooms are a nightmare. Imagine walking into a public restroom with floor spills and no tissue rolls, will you be able to continue? The business may not know it, but restrooms also have an impact on how customers see you as a business — and a dirty one can affect sales and customer loyalty. According to the annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey, a number of Americans have experienced the make or break moment, saying that they will “definitely” or “probably” spend more of their own money if the business’ restroom is clean and maintained.


How dirty restrooms affect the business

Restrooms get dirty due to a number of factors: lack of staff; sudden increase in people coming in and out of the restroom; unmanaged cleaning schedules; giving restrooms the least cleaning priority; or it’s the business fault for being completely being unaware of the impacts and issues a dirty restroom can give. No matter the reason, as a business owner, you should pay attention to every nook of your business. And having a dirty restroom can have a lasting effect on customers and other factors.


What gets affected?

Customer Impression and Loyalty

According to the same study, half of Americans are unlikely to come back to business once they find out its restrooms are “poorly maintained”. These customers will quickly report it to the management and spread the news to their loved ones and friends. Imagine how many connections one customer has? Having a dirty restroom can affect the way customers — and the people they shared their stories too — see the business; hence lessening the chance of people becoming customers. Remember, impressions last. So once these customers have seen the horror, it will be imprinted on their minds for a long time.


Health and safety

Dirty restrooms are home to types of bacteria that can harm either the staff/management’s health or your customers’ health. Of course we cannot see viruses, but once there is a point of contact, it will spread like wildfire, especially when there is no hand soap or paper towels available to wipe the dirt away. Meanwhile, safety is also affected, such as having spills on the floor since this can increase the risk of slips or falls.



Not having a well-maintained restroom will lessen the quality of its equipment, and eventually lead to costly repairs. Instead of having a budget for other improvements, it will be used in the restroom since it has been neglected.


Cleanliness is the key

According to Restroom Cleanliness Impacts Facility Perception, a Harris poll survey revealed that 86% of adults in the United States say that they equate the cleanliness of the restroom with the cleanliness of the kitchen. This goes to show that these survey participants think if your restroom is dirty, then your kitchen is the same. Clean restrooms clearly communicate a message to customers — that you care about the business and the health and safety of your staff and customers. This also helps minimize the business’ cost in regards to restroom equipment repairs.




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