The Scent of Love

Will the scent of a human person be able to attract another person? According to researchers, the unique bodily scents of a person have another role in a person’s social interaction and life. Along with this, social media entrepreneurs have initiated an activity to see if this really works, TIME reported.

Called Smell Dating, this is a first mail-order smell dating service that lets people find their perfect pair through the unique scent of the person. Participants who availed of the matchmaking service will receive a t-shirt from the service and will have to wear it for three days and three nights without deodorant. Afterwards, the participant must return the t-shirt and its swatches will be sent to different individuals, while the participant will also receive some from other individuals.

Once the samples are delivered, the participant will smell the samples and tell Smell Dating who they like. When there’s a match, Smell Dating will facilitate the exchange of contact information and the rest will be up to them if it will blossom to love or just another platonic relationship.

Researchers agree that smell is important in human relationships, while there is evidence that shows a human’s sense of smell can provide hints of a person’s genetic and romantic capability.

“The underlying theory is that you somehow select immune compatibility in a mate,” says Noam Sobel, an expert in olfaction and professor of neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

Regarding the romance aspect, researchers think that a person’s sense of smell — focusing more on how they really smell others than how they smell — is important. According to a study done by Sobel and his colleagues in 2015, which was published in journal PNAS, said people can differentiate a certain smell from others.

Going back to the Smell Dating, a user’s profile only reveals a smell score. Members are shown with a list of people who smelled the same, which are possible romantic candidates.

“There’s no way to send your body odor to a million people right now,” Sobel says. “That’s why we’re pushing sense of smell.”

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