Apple Creates Instagram Account Amid iPhone 8 Rumours

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The hype just doesn’t stop.

Apple fans were struck by two bolts of lightning at the same time as a leak of the iPhone 8 has entered the radar, starting rumours of a copper-coloured smartphone and how the body of the phone would look like, and the launch of the tech giant’s Instagram account.

Take note, the Instagram account gained 20,000 followers in just 40 minutes. Now, the account has over 400,000 followers.

As reported by Fortune, Marques Brownlee demonstrated in his latest YouTube video a dummy body of the iPhone 8, showing a combination of the credible rumours circling around the new model. As described, the phone is reported to have an OLED display and a sharper screen resolution compared to one of its predecessors, the iPhone 7 Plus. But the excitement doesn’t stop there as there is an expected development of facial recognition technology.



Brownlee’s video is one of the leaks circulating around the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus recently. In regards to the Apple itself, the tech giant has stayed mum around the new model, making fans speculate of the leaks demonstrated are included or not.

In regards to Apple’s Instagram account, the company joined the game on Monday with the @apple handle. As of now, the Instagram account features shots from iPhone photographers. According to a report by The Verge, Apple described the move as a look through the lens of iPhone users around the world.”


#ShotoniPhone by… – 1. Fabien B. @fabienbaron “These photographs are my personal mood board. This is what I see and like.” – 2. Jess R. @jessronagrooming “If I could choose only one type of dog to groom for the rest of my life what would it be? Oh my gosh. A poodle!” – 3. Josh N. @bellpayphoneproject “This is street furniture that’s been around for almost a century and it will be gone soon. Gone forever… and I’ll be telling my grandkids about this nerdy project where I took pictures of phones with a telephone.” – 4. Brock D. @brockdavis “I’ve created so many things just to make my kids laugh at breakfast time.” – 5. Olivier C. @oli_op “I am drawn to things that look mundane at first, but then become magical because you’ve changed one factor – the speed at which you see it."

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Each album posted shows a slideshow of a photographer’s works along with their voice over, which is talking about the subject matter of the work. Apple urges iPhone users who have Instagram accounts to join in the fun. They can enter by posting a photo with the hashtag “#ShotoniPhone.”

Even though this Instagram account has sparked a lot of attention, this is not the first in terms of accounts. Apple already maintains a number of verified Instagram accounts, namely: Apple Music, iTunes, Beats 1, iBooks, Carpool Karaoke, and Planet of the Apps. Actually, Apple never had an account to highlight photography, which takes a large part of the company’s brand and marketing. So, this account is exclusively dedicated to showcasing the creativity of its users.


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