China to Speed Up Bullet Trains This Year

Bullet trains

Six years after a deadly high-speed rail crash in China, authorities are asked to slow down trains across the country.  China is now planning to raise the speed of the bullet trains, also known as fast, or China Railway High-speed trains back to 350kph or 217 mph.

China’s high-speed rail network is designed to travel to 350 kph and capable of top speeds of 400 kph. However, Beijing ordered to cut the speed 250 to 300 kph.

According to Beijing news, they are planning to implement the increased speed between Beijing and Shanghai in September this year. It is believed that this travel speed could cut travel time from 4.5 hours to 6 hours currently.

China’s newest “Fuxing” bullet trains, which are capable of top speeds of 400 kph, will be specifically used for that journey. This can accommodate over 2,500 monitoring points. The interior space is also more comfortable as the carriage height is around four meters by 3.7 meters and the seat space is at least 102 centimeters. The launch of the “Fuxing” took five years.

China is known for the world’s longest high-speed rail network that competes with domestic airlines.



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