3 Tips for Hair Stylists Starting Their Mobile Careers


Being a mobile hairstylist is one of the hardest but also one of the most in-demand professions in the emerging beauty on-demand economy.

Imagine yourself being your own boss, travelling across cities and meeting new clients. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? It’s full of possibilities, it’s challenging and it’s the growing lifestyle for many hairstylist / hairdressers that are out in the market.

If you are a new to the mobile hair styling game, it can be a tad intimidating. There are many things going through your head like “How can I get more clients?” or “How can I distinguish my services?!” Though these concerns are valid, these are manageable as long as you have the skills and passion in making sure that clients will love their new hairstyle.

In this article, we bring you the top three tips that came from the hairstylists that already have started their mobile hairstyling careers.




“Practice & Passion”

Having the passion means the dedication in improving your styling skills.

The old adage “practice makes perfect” rings true in this profession. When you’re still trying to make a name for yourself, practicing haircuts and learning the trendiest cuts lets you stay above of the game.

Let’s say you want to learn to do a new hairstyle. This is where you need to invest in time and resources to learn. The golden rule states that customers are not for practice and it can only be done during your spare time. This means watching professionals’ style over Youtube and trying it out for yourself on practice wigs will let you master a new style quickly.





“Grab Every Possible Opportunity”

Always stay hungry when you’re still new to this profession. That means grab every client you can, and grab any chance you get to learn new things.

Any chance you get to work with a client, do it. As long as you can accommodate their requests? Do it. Even if they’re a bit far from you, but can be managed? Do it.

As for the learning part, did you see a free seminar related to hair styling? Attend that. Opportunities present themselves all the time, and it’s up to you to reach for it, take it and make the most of it.




“Communication Skills”

Aside from hairstyling skills, the set skills of listening and understanding are very essential in meeting customer needs. Despite your challenging schedule, you need to take the time to listen to your client’s requirements and specific requests. This will allow you to style them up effectively with a tender approach as you style them up.

Listening also comes with understanding its proper context:

When your customer says that she wants to color her hair red, clarify what shade of red she is referring to as you may have different understanding what “red” is.

At the end of the day, your career as a hairstylist will depend squarely on you, as you will more or less define how you will deal with this profession. When you’re navigating through the industry, the advice of other stylists still has its merit, as they have already experienced the journey first hand.

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