A Geeky Girl’s Dream: CoverGirl Star Wars Makeup Line!


For the geeky girls and the nerd at heart career women, the collaboration announcement by Covergirl and Lucas Films’ space epic Star Wars has revealed a makeup line inspired from the upcoming film that will hit in December.

The product is out of CoverGirl’s global creative director Pat McGrath’s space vanity table in which McGrath created six out of this world looks basing on the iconic looks of Star Wars. Fun and outgoing girls will love the light side of the force’s look while girls who embrace their inner Sith can go for the dark side of the force’s makeup.

Bring balance to the force when you collect the limited edition sets that include six lipstick variants, three nailpolish colors and a whopping ten mascara lines that you can experiment with in going for the everyday look, bold shades or go for the out of this world in trying out Padme Amidala’s rogue template or go for the full royal Naboo look.

View the full CoverGirl Star Wars collection exclusively from Allure

allure covergirl star wars makeup

Image courtesy of CoverGirl


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