Comfort Foods That are Perfect During Rainy Season

soup noodles

During the rainy season, people are too lazy to go outside because of the weather. Whenever we see rain, these are the two things that come out of our heads: to eat and sleep. To give you a meaningful staycation with your family and beat those rainy day blues, here are some warm and hearty traditional foods that your family will surely love.

1. Congee, meaning rice soup, is a popular, savory porridge dish that goes by many names: lugaw in the Philippines; kanji in India, which is thick rice prepared with various grains available in different parts of Tamil Nadu; burbur in Indonesia, which is a favourite breakfast staple in the country; and Congee in China. This rice porridge can be cooked in different flavours—you can use chicken, beef, or pork; it actually depends on your preference.




2. Wonton Soup, or known as Wuntun or Wantan, is commonly found in Chinese cuisines. The wonton is filled with shrimp, minced pork and served with Chinese noodles. The soup used is from boiling shrimp shells, dried flounder, and pork bone. Moreover, this dish has gone through the test of time. Did you know that this soup was introduced after World War II?


Wonton soup


3. Soto Mie or Mee Soto, Soto refers to Indonesian soup, can be found in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is called Soto Mie in Indonesia, while called Mee Soto in Malaysia and Singapore. This dish is made of flour, salt, and egg and the soup consists of beef, chicken, fried shallots, and offals. You can add chili sauce to add a kick, making it a perfect companion to comfort you during rainy days.


Soto Mie


4. The noodle soup can keep you warm and cozy during the rainy season. This is actually referring to a variety of soups with noodles that can be served in different flavours. Meanwhile, in Japan, noodle soup is served in a hot soy-dashi broth, garnished with chopped scallions. Not only that, you can add toppings like tempura or fried tofu to make it more delectable.




5. Bulalo is one of the famous beef dishes in the Philippines. They said the dish was originated in Batangas and in Tagaytay, where both places are known for their Bulalo dish since there are lots of cows in the area. Try this Bulalo dish and it will definitely warm your freezing soul.




Rainy or snowy days, these soothing cold-day-weather staples are the perfect partner to be with as they warm and relax you inside and out. Try to eat these foods to enjoy your rainy days!

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