6 Microwaveable Desserts That You Can Make In A Snap

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Whether at home or at work, these microwaveable desserts will satisfy your sugar cravings and need for a sudden jolt of energy.

The holidays are coming up and parties are going to be everywhere! This means busy schedule, late night activities and a long Christmas shopping list. With this, we definitely need that burst of energy to keep up with our hectic schedules or a speedy snack to satisfy our sweet tooth. Don’t worry, Tasty has answered our prayers with its six easy-to-prepare dessert recipes that you can make anywhere as long as there’s a microwave. You can also use these recipes in your cook-off or holiday house parties!

The set of recipes featured are a mix of sweetness overload and easy-to-chew consistency, which are perfect for someone who just wants to lie in bed or to take a break from work. Meanwhile, the sudden sweet cravings are no problem as each recipe can be made in less than two minutes! The ingredients also won’t require you to go grocery shopping for long since most of them are typically found in the kitchen, office pantry or the nearest supermarket.

For the complete set of ingredients for each recipe, click here for Tasty’s article.

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