Horrifying Halloween Make Up Ideas that Look Too Real

Ellinor Rosander via The Daily Mail

Okay – so Halloween is just around the corner. While kiddos are busy trying out adorable trick-or-treat costumes, grownups on the other hand, have to step up the scare factor with gory makeup tricks.

Chilling Blood-Soaked Makeup By Karolina Griciute

Karolina Griciute is a 21 year old artist from Norway who goes by the name Karolina Maria on YouTube and Instagram. She creates gruesomely incredible pieces of art with her creativity and makeup skills. It’s just incredible how she could come up with freakishly realistic transformations like the videos below.


Sewed Shut Mouth


Chelsea Smile / Ripped Mouth


Flesh Monster


Simple Cuts and Impaled Eye


Nasty-Looking Horror Characters By Ellinor Rosander

Special effects artist Ellinor Rosander has a knack for transforming herself into horrendous horror characters often using basic household items like tissue paper, flour and tin foil. The Swedish make up artist has some 841, 378 YouTube subscribers. Working with producer Mac Moser, she came up with more terrifying makeup transformations. Use the videos below as an inspiration for your next Halloween garb! Ellinor gives thorough special effects tutorials on how to re-create her grisly creations at home.


If you are clueless what Necromorphs are, these are mutated and revived bodies of the dead reshaped into new forms, resulting in extremely hideous and aggressive beasts. Yes, these are totally horrific aliens.



Gory Zombie


Silent Hill Nurse

Image Credit:  The Daily Mail UK


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