8 Warning Signs You Are Dealing with an Evil Person

November 02, 2017


When we were younger, we thought of evil in the form of villains in fairy tales or monsters in horror movies. Growing up, you realize evil comes in different forms – and yes, it can deceive you 100%. True evil goes beyond horrid looks or being rude and foul-mouthed. True evil is intelligent and will often seem like it’s not there.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you wanted to believe that people are intrinsically good. An evil person won’t hesitate to use whatever good is left in them to inflict pain on others. And yes, with no remorse. This is something they enjoy. Their baleful actions don’t always follow a basic pattern like most serial killers do, though. As long as you get in their path, be ready to be used and to be manipulated. An evil person will wrap you around his little finger and toss you out like garbage without any second thoughts.

These 8 warning signs are indicators that someone in your life has an evil heart. If you spot these signs in someone, know that you cannot change what they are or how they perceive things. You mean nothing to them. Always be guarded and do everything in your power to stay as far away from this person.


1 Lying Constantly

An evil person has the cognitive capacity to lie – often, they’re pretty good liars. You will believe what they say – at least for a while. They are so good with words; it’s hard to know when you are being lied to. A reason behind lying is simple: Silver-tongued lies are their way to express themselves. They lie to make themselves look better. They lie to gain something out of it. They lie just for the enjoyment of fooling those around them. They lie to manipulate your emotions or how you think about something. And they cover up one lie with more lies if you caught them lying.


Twisting Facts
Fake news


Because they are “master manipulators,” twisting facts is just a hobby for them. They have an insanely good ability to twist any fact if it doesn’t go with their short-term or long-term plan. They create a manipulative reality by gluing things together, and then impose them to you. And because they are good at crafting “mutilated facts,” you won’t suspect a thing.


3 Misleading People

They do not put any value to people’s emotions. In fact, they see your emotions as a weakness that they can use to their advantage anytime. They can twist your world in a misleading way to make you feel vulnerable, miserable, incompetent, useless, terrified, lost, or hated. With simple words, they let you believe you are doing something wrong. They can plant imaginary enemies in your head and they are experts at creating conflicts, confusion or chaos. That’s their secret trade: heightening the state of anxiety and panic. And finally, they will offer you the sweetest solution to your problems.


4 Withholding Information

Because they know how to plan their steps a dozen times ahead of you, they know when to share or withhold information. They love having power over others and taking advantage of people’s ignorance for their benefit. And they love the gratification of you seeing them as someone clever and with authority when it’s time to pour out information you desperately need.


5 Throwing the Blame Around




A moral compass is not in their system. They are ready to toss their blame onto others if they smell that it’s going to hit them. Redirecting the blame – in the most subtle way possible – before it gets to them is an acquired skill. They know how to do it so flawlessly, they even know how to get an apology from someone they have harmed. Or soon, you would realize you are apologizing for their mistakes. And again, if you think they will ever feel accountable for the pain they have caused, no they’re not sorry.


6 Living Multiple Lives

It’s like they have different personas, depending on the “life story” they wanted you to see. They lead a dozen lives, each one different from the rest. What does this mean? With every person, every goal they’re trying to accomplish or whatever, they present a well-crafted history to tell. It creates a picture in your mind and you believe it because it sounds too real. However, at the end of the day, you look at this person and still do not know anything about his past or present.


7 Control Freak

It’s pretty obvious. They need to hold everything together, so they can freely manipulate the situation. Having control over others is how they protect their “pawns”. When they lose control over a person or over a situation, they panic. Losing control crumbles their foundation.


8 No Remorse




Needless to say, an evil person feels no remorse. It’s scary because it means that they can do practically anything and act as if nothing happened. He would not think about how this would make you feel or its impact in your life. No guilt, no regrets, no empathy – and an evil person has no conscience.

A person may have one or a few of these characteristics, but finding them in one person should make you cringe. You are dealing with someone who is truly evil. Break free and never look back.

Sources: Ewao.com



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