Former Channel Nine Reporter Pleaded Guilty For Charges of Using a Carriage Service to Send Child Pornography

September 27, 2017
Jane Prudencio


A former Channel Nine Reporter is under fire after collected pieces of evidence proved that he is a proud paedophile and boy lover.

43-year-old Ben McCormack has pleaded guilty on two counts of sending, publishing, or promoting child pornography via carriage services. The nature of the charges can give a maximum jail time of 15 years.

In a series of conversations on Skype with an unknown man between April 2015 and February 2017, McCormack, who claimed to be a 28-year-old with the username “oz4sjinboi”, outlined his sexual fantasy revolving around young boys and that he couldn’t wait to see the “B Porn”.


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Meanwhile, in another graphic conversation with an unknown man, McCormack said he would always be attracted to young boys, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

“U think I’ll always be a p?” the man asked McCormack, and the journalist replied with “Yep. U… I’ll always have the attraction…they are beautiful.”

In another conversation that happened on January 1, the unknown man asked the journalist if “u eva think u’ll play with one? Or just fantasy.”

McCormack replied with “I’d love to.”

Reports say the court papers say the journalist also said ‘I wana get pedo with u’, ‘I’m a total b loving pedo’ and even proudly described himself as a ‘proud Ped, proud b lover’.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the police was able to obtain a 30-second video of McCormack performing a sex act, which he sent to the other man.

In the video, the journalist was heard saying he “perves non-stop” whenever he is at the beach, at shopping centres or at the movies.

Further in the chats, it was heard that the unknown man called the journalist “Ben” and later on mentioned McCormack’s connection with “A Current Affair”, which gave leads to the police to have an idea on where to find him.

Having a search warrant for McCormack’s home and “A Current Affair” offices in Willoughby, the journalist was arrested at Moore Park on April 6. He refused a police interview.

On Tuesday, it was revealed by a Channel Nine spokeswoman that the journalist already resigned and no longer works for the network.

McCormack will face the District Court on October 6 for sentencing proceedings.










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