Great White Shark Jumps And Lands Into Man’s Boat

great white shark

As fisherman Terry Selwood was enjoying his moment of solitude while sitting on his esky in the middle of his small boat at the NSW North Coast, a fish suddenly launched itself onto the boat, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald.


However, this is not just any type of fish.


While the 73-year-old fisherman was sitting on his esky, he was knocked off and landed onto the deck. He was then suddenly eye-to-eye with a large great white shark as it thrashed about.


“There I was on all fours and he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him, and then he started to do the dance around and shake, and I couldn’t get out quick enough onto the gunnel [side of the boat],” Mr. Selwood told the ABC.


According to a spokeswoman for the Department of Primary Industries, it confirmed to Fairfax Media that the fish that caused a stir a great white shark and is estimated to be 2.7 metres long.


Luckily, Mr. Selwood was not bitten but suffered from cuts on his right arm from the rough skin of the shark.


After the encounter, Mr. Selwood was able to grab a radio and make a distress call, which was luckily picked up by Marine Rescue Evans Head.


Lance Fountain, a member of Marine Rescue Evans Head, along with other two crew members immediately went to Mr. Selwood’s location using a boat and saw him “standing up on the port side … covered in blood with numerous lacerations on his right forearm”.


“A large shark was also found in the cabin of the not-so-large fishing boat,” Mr. Fountain said.


After helping Mr. Selwood, he was then transferred onto the rescue boat deck where his wounds were treated and assessed.


Mr. Fountain said that the fisherman told the crew of how it all happened while going back to land.


“In the process, it knocked the stunned 73-year-old fisherman onto the deck as well,” according to a post by Mr. Fountain on the Marine Rescue Evans Head Facebook page.


“Fighting to get to his feet and as far away from the shark as possible, the fisherman was relentlessly knocked about the deck and cabin, which is where he sustained most of his injuries.”


“Eventually the fisherman was able to clamber up onto the port side gunwale of the boat where he remained while the shark continued to thrash about the deck of the boat.”

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