RETARDED NEWS: You Can Now Get a Degree Studying Memes


Good news normies, memesters and other person who takes memes seriously, or uses it to communicate entirely.

It’s now possible to get a degree studying memes. Yes, memes. Those things you see on the Internet? You can now study that at the Northwestern University in the U.S.

If you think it’s a joke, I assure you that it’s not because that university really does offer a degree on memes, according to a report by the North Western Flip Side.

According to sources, the decision to offer this degree was made in an effort to appeal to the ever increasing Internet-savvy youth. Particularly those who spends most of their time looking at memes, laughing at memes and eventually, creating memes.

Luckily for those types of youth, they can now step it up a notch and now STUDY MEMES.

The school’s Assistant Dean for Curriculum Joan Linsenmeier said, “I can’t tell you how many students have come up to me and asked, ‘Assistant Dean Linsenmeier, why you no have Internet Memeology major?’ Well, I’m here to say that, Northwestern students, you can have a degree in Meme Studies.”

On the other hand, Grant Richards, a professor in the same institution said, “We live in a meme-based world, there’s no denying that, while it might not be considered standard academic material, I believe that this in an important move for Northwestern. It shows we’re embracing the changing culture and not remaining stagnant.”

And obviously, the reaction amongst students were out-right positive because basically, they’ll achieve a legitimate degree doing something what they really love.

Going back to the real world, however, it remains to be seen how students who pursue this degree, can use this to get a job that can feed them. But for a first-world country like America, I’m pretty sure that won’t be a problem.


Roemart Tamayo

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