Scientist Eaten by Crocodiles, Body Found With Missing Parts


Being a scientist is a dangerous job. This was proven true when a scientist was eaten alive by crocodiles, while performing her job.

According to IFL Science, a scientist working on a crocodile enclosure in Indonesia suffered this grim death, when the large reptiles leaped up against the wall of the said enclosure during feeding time, then grabbed her and pulled her into the pool. This resulted into her being dismembered and her body parts being eaten, as said by the police.

The lab, called CV Yosiki Laboratory in North Sulawesi, was owned by a Japanese Businessman. The scientist, named Deasy Tuwo, was the head researcher of the facility.

According to one colleague named Erling Rumengan, “We were curious when we looked at the crocodile pool, there was a floating object, it was Deasy’s body.”

One colleague described Deasy as “a quiet person. We’re confused about how this has happened.”

As for the croc who allegedly ate the scientist, its fate is still unknown, but photographs show that there is a crocodile tied to a truck, and was reported that it will be transported to a wildlife centre in Bitung district, so as to perform tests on its stomach contents.

As for the Japanese owner, the authorities are now on the hunt for him. According to Raswin Sirait, the chief of Tomohon Police, “I believe the owner must acknowledge this horrible incident. But we have neither seen him nor know where he is.”

“We also need to know if he is legally permitted to own crocodiles and other expensive aquatics in his company. If there is no permit, he will be detained,” the police further added.

It’s pretty apparent by now, but crocodile attacks are dangerous and fatal. In fact, it is estimated that about 1,000 humans are killed by crocodiles each year. But before you hunt these creatures, please do know that the attacks are often the result of humans encroaching their habitat.

So, the next time you see a crocodile from the distance, it is best to get out as far as you can.

Roemart Tamayo

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