UK Cops ‘Arrest’ Swan Due to ‘Road Rage’

September 21, 2017
Kaizen Marce


Just like a scene straight out of the movie “Hot Fuzz”.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, an unusual suspect has been apprehended last Monday by police due to road rage.

According to a report by the BBC, concerned citizens contacted the authorities since they were worried about the well-being of the swan they’ve located, as it threw a road rage on A1123 in St Ives during that day.

Fortunately, authorities were quick to respond and were able to capture the rogue swan and detain it in the back of their car. According to the police, they would describe the swan’s offences as “road rage, an RTC and obstructing the highway.”

After the incident, the police was able to poke fun out of the incident as they posted photos of the suspect on Twitter with the hashtag #HotFuzz and #NoSwansWereHarmed. The #HotFuzz hashtag used was in reference to the spoof film “Hot Fuzz” that had the same situation, which was the scene when city cop Simon Pegg arrested a criminal swan and detained it inside their car as they drove off.


“One in custody following road rage, RTC and obstructing the Highway. Awaiting RSPCA/RSPB attendance. #HotFuzz #NoSwansWereHarmed…” police officers captioned the post on Twitter.

When asked by one Twitter user if the swan was wearing a seatbelt, the police assured the bird is safely secured.

“Wings safely secured with velcro straps. We didn’t want him hurting himself with all the excitement.,” the police responded through Twitter along with a thumbs-up emoji.

After capturing the bird, there were concerns of it being hit by a lorry, but a RSPCA officer assessed the bird and announced there were no signs of injury, therefore given the go signal for its release. The RSPCA released the bird in a nearby river at about 07:30 BST.

The movie “Hot Fuzz” was Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s comedy film released in 2007. The movie revolves around a cop who was reassigned to a new area, which is the fictional town of Sandford, and paired with a new partner to investigate the deaths that happened around the said town.

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