Chicken Treat Allows Hen to Handle Their Twitter


Chicken Treat, the popular fast food chain in Western Australia is going to the birds – literally.

That’s because that the company announced that a hen named Betty, will be live tweeting the company’s official twitter account.

The viral stunt aims to give Betty the Hen the distinction as the first bird user and the first bird to tweet on twitter.



Chicken Treat also revealed that Betty has been tweeting since October 8, 2015 as people were wondering why the company’s twitter has been tweeting random characters. It appeared that whoever was handling the company’s twitter has gone cuckoo.

“Betty will be tweeting away until she sends a proper, five-letter word in English,” the company said.

To join on the fun, follow Betty’s tweets via the hashtag #ChickenTweet or follow Chicken Treat’s official twitter account: @ChickenTreat.

Alice Ogilby

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