Frustrated with No Internet, Woman expressed dismay via Cat Photos

Kittie Smalls

Petting a cat doesn’t only provide a positive calming effect. It’s also a good way of bringing positive social media attention to your complaints.

Peeved at losing her Internet connection for more than two weeks, Telstra customer Laura Carrie turned to her feline friend for support. She posted photos of her cat “Kittie Smalls” playing poker on Telstra’s Facebook page to get the telecom company’s attention to resolve her connectivity issue without knowing that those photos would soon become viral.

Laura narrated that it had been five days since she was informed her Internet would be connected and had made five follow-up calls to the company that all went in futility. As reported in MashableAsia, Laura  wrote:

“Hi Telstra! I know people usually complain when their broadband was supposed to be connected 5 days ago, and they have made five futile phone calls to you, but I’d like to see the positive side and thank you for giving me a night off from working on my small business. Usually I’d be slogging away on my computer taking care of my customers, but thanks to you I can’t do that anymore, so I’m having a night off, Woo!!!

Now I can’t watch Netflix (no interwebs remember) so I have to make my own fun. So I thought I’d reconnect with my cat, Kittie Smalls. Seeing as this night wouldn’t have been possible without YOU I thought I’d share some moments with you. This is us playing poker. She’s a natural.”

A Telstra representative named Renee, who also has a cat named Scruffles replied and said the issue was escalated. But that didn’t fix the issue. More than a week later, Laura  still has no Internet.


Kittie Smalls doing Yoga

Eleven days had passed and still her Internet was not working, so Laura carried on with her cat posts. This time she took a photo of Kittie Smalls doing yoga. After twelve days, she received good news from a Telstra case manager named Jill who told her that she will be connected within 24 hrs. Laura was so excited she wanted to have a party to celebrate. She even put a party hat on Kittie Smalls and invited her boyfriend to come over and watch Netflix on her new TV. But their total excitement turned to big disappointment as evening came and still there was no Internet.



Laura remarked, “Noooooooooo. Noooooooooo. Whyyyyyyyyyyy. Whyyyyyyyyyy. Why Telstra?? Why do you do this to me??? Worst. Netflix. Party. Ever.”


After fifteen days of waiting for Internet, Laura introduced a new cat called “The Flee.” She said,

“Disappointed cat is disappointed in you.” Then suddenly a day after, a Telstra spokesperson confirmed that Laura’s broadband service has been connected. He informed the delay was due to a processing error and apologised for the inconvenience.


Disappointed cat


Finally, after more than two weeks, her Internet connection is up and running again – thanks to her cats’ viral photos and purrs.

Ronald Pozon

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