Anonymous Person Buys Whole Toy Section of Goodwill for Kids


Good things are a bit hard to come by. Fortunately, when it’s holiday season, everyone is in a giving mood because that’s exactly what some anonymous person just did.

According to The Good News Network, an anonymous donor bought an entire children’s section of Goodwill, just so every kid in the store could get one gift – for free. And that’s not all, this person did this routinely every year.

Sources asked the anonymous person why HE does what HE does, to which he just said that, “an important part of his family’s Christmas tradition.”

In the report by The Coloradoan, one girl went in to the store rummaging through a giant bin filled with toys. She went in not expecting a present, but suddenly, Goodwill’s Senior Director of Retail Todd Wakefield announced something in the store’s intercom.

Mr. Wakefield said, “All kids today, all day long, you get one free toy, free stuffed animal or free kids book.”

All of this was made possible by that anonymous donor. According to sources, the donor mentioned that he does not need recognition for his “act of kindness,” as it’s an important part of his family’s Christmas tradition.

As the kids went in to the bins overflowing with toys, the donor and his wife quietly appreciated the heart-warming scene then slipped out the front door – all without being noticed.

The good news is, the man is also recruiting several local businesses to add to the donation. Furthermore, the spirit of kindness is spreading as some store staff members also set aside extra toys just so no kid will be left behind.

As Christmas Day approaches, the spirit of giving seems to be spreading to everyone. However, it would be better if giving becomes an all-year mood. For more good news, stay tuned to TrendingPod.

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