Fun Indoor Halloween Activities That Your Kids Will Love


Halloween is not all about scaring everybody out of their wits; it is actually about fun activities, well, for kids that is! This is the day when adorable kids go out the neighborhood and knock on every door they find just to shout “trick or treat” and get treats. Whenever there are kids wearing cute Halloween costumes, homeowners would definitely say “awwwww” and hand out candy without hesitation. Truth be told, who could resist such cuties walking around to ask for treats.

Meanwhile, there are parents who choose to hold parties to gather everyone and have fun in one place. This makes it easier for parents to see their children and know they’re safe and sound.

Also known as a holiday, some parents take the day off and spend most of their time with their kids. So, for parents who want to make the most of every minute with their kids during this spooky holiday, here are fun indoor Halloween activities that your kids will love.


1. Treasure Hunting Halloween Edition

We all know what is going to be hidden in this treasure hunt: candies and treats! Invite the kids in your neigborhood or let your kids become the only participants of this fun activity. All you have to do is hide the candy in the house and let the kids find them one by one. To add a spookier factor to the hunt, you can turn off the lights and give them flashlights before they start their adventure!


2. Have a kid-friendly fright night

There is a wide selection of kid-friendly Halloween movies to choose from to make your kid’s fright night fun and special. Some selections you can choose from are Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice and more.

Gather everyone on the couch and watch a movie marathon while munching on Halloween-themed snacks to make the night spooky and fun at the same time.


3. Make the house haunted… with decorations!

There are kids who are fond of wanting to feel the thrill of the chase. Have fun with the kids by making your house a haunted house for Halloween. Spookify your home with different Halloween decorations, such as fake cobwebs, terrifying ghosts or fake spiders and other creatures associated with Halloween. You can also place tables with treats that look like gross things while only a few lights are on to make your house more haunted-looking.


4. Have a Halloween Quiz

The whole family is required to join! Appoint a quiz master who will ask the questions and make other members of the family team up or go solo to answer questions revolving around Halloween. Also, don’t forget to prepare prizes so that they become enthusiastic enough to answer more questions.


5. Dive into an indoor playground

There are other places to conduct a Halloween party besides your home. And that is an indoor playground! An indoor playground is a safe place to let your kids roam around and have fun with other kids while not worrying about their weather for the day.

There are establishments that are still open during Halloween, so why not spend physical activity outside before going home to watch a movie marathon or bond with everyone while sharing scary stories. A gentle reminder for parents, always bring spare clothes for the kids to make them feel fresh and ready for another party after their exhausting play activities.

Halloween is not just a holiday to watch scary stuff on TV or ask for snacks from neighbors. It is a day to spend time with the family and have fun together. For parents who want to add some extra fun to the kids while being safe, an indoor playground should do the trick since this won’t make parents worry about the weather and can keep a watchful eye on their children. And for those establishments who want to add flair to their future Halloween parties, look for playground manufacturers who have achieved recognition from international organizations that focus on safety and quality to keep the kids safe and assure parents that there is nothing to worry about.


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