Global TeleForce Launches Outsourcing Services for Telecommunications Companies.


Melbourne, Australia, Global TeleForce, an Australian business outsourcing company, is launching its outsourcing solutions specifically for small to medium-sized telecommunications and Internet service providers in Australia.

The launch of our services is done with the conscious effort to help small and medium-sized telco providers and ISPs in achieving cost-efficient operations and achieving a level of competitiveness in the growing demand of the customers and the industry.

Our outsourcing solutions range from Inbound and Outbound calls, personalised customer support and effective lead generation. The Global TeleForce managerial team boasts over decades of experience when it comes to providing sales and end-to-end management of offshore operations.

The company includes a growing team team of skilled sales personnel, web professionals and technical support specialists, which can handle tier 1 to tier 3 problems.

The telecommunications and ISP industry in Australia has become more competitive than ever before. A significant number of citizens, particularly those living in remote and rural areas of the country, are demanding for faster and more reliable broadband connection, resulting in an increase in demand for competitive providers.

Compared to large-scale businesses, small and medium-sized companies have the luxury to provide a more intimate and personalised customer relations and we at Global TeleForce can help address the growing demand for a personalised and adaptive customer service.

There are many advantages of opting to outsource with Global TeleForce, among the most apparent is that compared to maintaining an in-house personnel, choosing to outsource will significantly cut costs, but still maintain your business’ operational efficiency.

Our company prides itself in helping small and medium-sized telco and ISP companies, maintain their quality and overall productivity, while operating in a more time and cost-efficient manner.

We observe and learn how your business operates, so as to target and implement key people in crucial areas of your company. With precision, we give you the skilled personnel to integrate with your team as Global TeleForce implements a focused and strategic hiring of skilled employees, compared to other outsourcing providers that employ the typical mass hiring strategy.

To give you an overview of what Global TeleForce is all about, Hitesh Parekh, our Managing Director, has this to say, “No job is too big or too small for us in scale, we bring the same level of commitment and fulfilment of quality equating to business value. We do not see businesses as paying clients; we see them as you would see your valued business partners.”

The company offers flexible outsourcing solutions and virtual stagging, which offers customisable options and elements that will fit any company’s operational cycle.


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