Global TeleForce Launches Transcription Outsourcing Services

Transcription Outsourcing Services

Global TeleForce, a trusted contact centre outsourcing provider based in Melbourne, Australia, is proud to announce the launch of its Transcription and Data Entry services.

Transcription services is simply the act of converting files such as written documents, audio and other kinds of content into a digital data, which can be stored and processed into things a company might find use.

Over the course of two decades, plenty of industries such as telecommunication, education, legal and even the government have been using data transcription to suit their needs.

And in any fast paced industry, raw data and information collection can be tedious to digest, which is why we are offering seamless transcription of these raw data that can put them into something more useful, particularly with end-to-end information management.

Raw collection of data consumes a lot of time, and most of all, can drain companies of their resources. Luckily, Global TeleForce can make it all easy as our transcription services can easily be consolidated to the day-to-day operations of any industry and any business of any size.

Global TeleForce offers a diverse transcription services outsourcing and can perform audio and video transcription, database encoding, formation and management, data entry and encoding, file format migration, language and translation as well as digitising raw physical information.

We have a dedicated team of skilled transcriptionist, which boasts knowledge in several languages and accents that operate into different time zones such as in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and even New Zealand.

Global TeleForce’s transcription services are launched with convenience and efficiency in mind. Any business’ transaction and encoding needs are solved in the quickest way possible, and the most cost-efficient way possible.

Simply put, an in-house transaction and data entry department can be costly, particularly to small to medium-sized businesses, which is why Global TeleForce launched this convenient service with them in mind.

In addition, converting raw physical information into digital data can be a company’s way to transition into the modern world. Not only does it make information ready and easy to access, it also makes data management easier and more efficient.

The company offers flexible outsourcing packages, which offers customisable options and elements that will fit any company’s operational cycle.

Global TeleForce offers highly customisable transcript outsourcing solutions that fit into every company’s operations. It also boasts highly responsive personnel for questions and enquiries. Find out more by sending us an enquiry at:

Call us NOW at 1300 77-8862 and we’ll let you know how WE can make your life easier.


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