Global TeleForce Outsourcing for Australian Energy Companies and Industry

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Melbourne, Australia – June 16, 2016

Global TeleForce, an Australian business outsourcing company, is offering its outsourcing services, catered specifically for the Energy and Industry sector.

With the world changing fast and rapid growth begins to be felt all throughout the globe, the need for clean and sustainable energy has become in demand more than ever before.

Companies in the Energy and Industry sector need to adapt and restructure, in order to thrive in a rapidly emerging sector, as well as to maintain a sustainable business.

Global TeleForce welcomes the future with arms wide open and aims to help energy companies have a sustainable tomorrow by offering an outsourced team of cost-efficient, but highly competent specialists that will work in their business cycle.

As one of the most trusted outsourcing provider for energy companies in Australia, learning a client’s business and value cycle is of utmost importance. The company only deploys the right people in a business operation to keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Among the many outsourcing services we provide includes Inbound and Outbound Sales, personalised customer ant tech support, in addition to an effective lead generation, which will definitely increase your business.

Moreover, we also offer Back Office outsourcing services that include data entry, billing collections, as well as accounting functions.

Companies in the Energy and Industry sector, who wishes to provide sustainable clean and green energy is possible. Just by applying specifically targeted outsourced roles and providing seamless integration work after work, the goal can be achieve in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Global TeleForce’s goal of providing quality support for energy and industry businesses is bar none, and it’s fully committed in learning and running a company’s way of operation in the most effective manner.

Global TeleForce’s headquarters and management team is based in Melbourne, Australia that makes every executive decisions, account management and business correspondences are all done in the country. We guarantee our clients that their business is being managed by a native company that knows Australia’s industry and work culture.

The company’s Managing Director Hitesh Parekh offers a glimpse of what Global TeleForce is all about and said, “No job is too big or too small for us in scale, we bring the same level of commitment and fulfilment of quality equating to business value. We do not see businesses as paying clients; we see them as you would see your valued business partners.”

The company offers flexible outsourcing packages, which offers customisable options and elements that will fit any company’s operational cycle.

Are you an energy business based in Australia that needs outsourcing solutions? Global TeleForce offers highly customisable outsourcing solutions that fit into every company’s operations. It also boasts highly responsive personnel for questions and enquiries. Find out more by visiting our Solar and Energy Outsourcing Services section or by sending us an enquiry at:

Call us today at 1300 77-8862 and let’s talk about how we, can help build your business develop.



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