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Melbourne, Victoria 18 June 2016 – Hitesh Parekh, Global WebForce Managing Director is pleased to announce the launch of SEO Melbourne Services offer to businesses based in Melbourne. With the dynamic population of searchers based on mobile that powers the local search in the area, businesses – regardless of scale, must place their footprint and maximise their visibility in a digital marketplace where playing fields are leveled through the opportunities that come with the exposure of the business or brand in search engines, social and popular business listing sites.

“Business is changing very quickly due to the use of mobile internet and consumers being very active on social media,” said Hitesh Parekh. “Traditional businesses or small businesses must see this as an opportunity to improve their business through having an online presence where they can be found.”

In transitioning a small business from mainly paper and print marketing into the digital marketplace, business owners often ask “where do I start?” , “what will I need?” as the digital world is vast and there are many online platforms to start with. This is where starting the digital footprint with the right foundation and direction matters. The best starting point would be the website for the business. The website is the main online entity that validates the existence of the website as it must be the main beneficiary of all the marketing activities done digitally. The website is the representation of the brand online and all the social or publishing platforms are its extension.

A business website that has maximised its search engine visibility will help the business generate new customers on a daily basis as local search on mobile now play a key role in the discovery and in-store visits for local businesses. Business owners who want to make the most of their website’s search engine visibility turns to Search Engine Optimisation or known simply as SEO. As a service, SEO improves website visibility on major search engines such as Google by ranking with the relevant search terms that are applicable to what the business sells or offers.

With the increasing complexity of SEO due to the improving artificial intelligence of the systems behind search engines, the updated levels of deciphering search queries / intent and ranking the websites that appear on the results page are called “algorithms”. Through the years, SEO service providers have adjusted their methodologies and delivery in order to cope with the changes to drive results. Global WebForce is among the many SEO providers in Australia that keep up to date with search engine algorithms. This is more than a badge of trust for clients and business owners; this is an internal commitment for excellence in quality.

“In starting our SEO Services in 2012, we formulated scalable SEO packages to fit the unique business needs of businesses and their websites that are diverse and often unique in scale,” Hitesh Parekh said. “Although packaged, our SEO service operates on the integration of your brand, marketing and business goals that is translated to success online.”

As search engine algorithms evolve and taking account the full spectrum of PR, social and publishing, Global WebForce has time and time again redesigned the SEO Packages under our digital marketing offers. The package is a suite of essentials to not only start your website growth today, but also chart your online success in the digital marketplace.

This is essential for Melbourne businesses who wish to not only harness the power of local search and convert it into customers, but also maintain a cross-platform presence across social media, publishing sites and its brand readers.

As a special offer for Melbourne based businesses, we are offering discounts across our SEO Packages as we celebrate our third anniversary by looking back at our agency’s roots that started in Melbourne.

To add to the occasion, we are also offering a FREE Comprehensive Website Assessment for Melbourne business owners to use as an information reference in knowing their website’s unique online status and the factors that may otherwise be deterring them from reaching their online goals. The website assessment can tell you the following:

  • What you’re doing right or wrong in terms of digitally marketing your business
  • Are you ranking for keywords?
  • How is your website traffic?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • What do I need to do to help my website?

Information is insight and it empowers business owners in making the right decision for their website. A website is an investment and in order to grow that investment, services such as SEO becomes a very viable commodity in helping your website today. To know more about our Melbourne SEO Services, call Global WebForce 1300 77 88 62 or send an email:


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