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Today, cut-throat competitiveness, no matter what the industry, is present in every business. Every major business is doing everything it can to stand out and gain major profit, leaving small businesses clawing its way to gain equal footing with the big leagues.

With the World Wide Web creating a new door of marketing that was never been seen before, having a company website is the key to access to this door.

If you are a small business owner looking to have your own website, but at an accessible pricing, don’t look further because Global WebForce now proudly introduces Flexipay, a versatile payment plan that helps small to medium-sized business to have its own professional website!

A website opens up a company’s marketing opportunities into infinite potential because of its worldwide reach. Whether the business offers products or services, having its own page helps it become easily accessible and acquire a wider market.

Having a website is extremely necessary today because it makes a company look professional, credible and easy to search online – just like how the big businesses are doing it.

On the other hand, small business owners may be a bit hesitant on opting to have one as they may think that it’s developing a website can be costly. In fact, they’re absolutely right.

Assembling an in-house web development team can be tedious, very expensive and time consuming, with funds sometimes going down the drain as you have to undergo a period of trial and error. Some companies decide to go the outsourcing route and pay someone else to do it, but it’s also expensive, lenghty and the quality can be unpredictable at best.

It seems that having a website if you’re a start-up business owner can be difficult– until now.

Flexipay, the brainchild of Global WebForce, was designed to cater specifically small and medium-sized businesses looking to build a website, which is both professional-looking and easy to navigate, but for a fraction of the usual price.

With Global WebForce’s Flexipay plans, there’s no need to bring out insanely huge amounts of cash just to get a professional website, you only have to pay as low as $54 a month with its “Self Starter” plan.

Why pay the full price for a website development service, when you can pay it with GWF’s easy and flexible instalment plans?

Why postpone your dream of having your own website when Flexipay’s plans are so convenient that payment can be made over a period of 6, 12 or 24 month? Because of its low-cost pricing, funds can go somewhere else where it’s more needed such as improving the business’ digital marketing strategy.

The standard “Self Starter” plan includes a free domain name of your choice, CMS or Content Management System, three slider images, with the option to add more in the future, social buttons for easy content sharing and a responsive web support and contact form – all the necessary features that a professional website needs.

Other than the “Self Starter” plan, other Flexipay plans also cover the following Melbourne web design services:


website packages


Make your small business stand on par with the big leagues and request a call-back with our one of experts by calling 1300-778862 or email Global WebForce at for general enquiries and at to get a sample quotation.

If you’re a small business owner interested building your own webpage, call us now and have your very own website in just 7 days!

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