The Trendingpod Team Attended the TLC Festival 2017

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The Trendingpod team goes on an adventure, and this time it’s TLC’s biggest event of the year! Held last Saturday, November 4, in Manila, Philippines, the travel and lifestyle channel have brought back the event in Manila, but this time they brought the spotlight on all things local. Having the theme of “Go Lokal”, the event was able to celebrate everything Filipino by showcasing what the country can offer and do best.

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Walk-in participants got in line and waited for their turn despite the long queue and people inside the event itself.

As the event started off at 10 am, the team rushed off to explore the event grounds. The colours displayed in the event were welcoming enough to let us explore what the event really has to offer. The event had three zones—Kanto Kultura, Byaheng Bayan and Street Sarap—and each zone proudly presented the beauty of Philippines’ unique culture, arts and cuisine.


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Witty one-liner that can mean two things: Tender Love & Care or Travel & Lifestyle Channel. Which one do you need?

We first went to the “Street Sarap” zone where the TLC Bakeshop is located. The zone was filled with different aromas as the food trucks and stalls lined up with different artisanal concepts from local produce, thus making our food crawl end with a food coma.

Festive-looking food trucks

Festive-looking food trucks all lined up to satisfy everyone’s cravings while showing that the Philippines is about good food.

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Staff prepares one of the workshop areas that will discuss food and cooking.

Afterwards, we went to the second zone labelled “Byaheng Bayan” wherein we get to see Kusina TLC, the TLC Jeepney and other stalls that sell local merchandise. This zone down to the third zone, which is called “Kanto Kultura”, is like a trip to an art gallery as we get to see colourful threads, unique merchandise and interesting finds.

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TLC knows that Jeepneys are one of the best references to show Philippine history and culture.

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TLC knows that Jeepneys are one of the best references to show Philippine history and culture.

The event, hosted by Eri Neeman and Sam Oh, was jam-packed with activities. They offered workshops on cooking in the Kusina TLC booth, baking in the TLC Bakeshop booth, and flower arrangement in the Rosas Atbp booth.

Although we’re not able to participate in the workshops, we were lucky enough to see and hear even from a distance people we look up to, such as “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro and “Street Food Asia host Luke Nguyen”. Other familiar faces to grace the event was Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, Jun Sabayton, Lourd De Veyra and Angel Rivero, who are the hosts of “Discovery Channel’s You Have Been Warned Asia”, Patty Lee and Sharon Huang of TLC’s “Fun Taiwan” series, and Troy Montero from “Worst Vacation Ever”.



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