I Want Fast Internet Australia Group Launches Website and Forum



The I Want Fast Internet (IWFI) Australia Group is proud to announce the launch of its new online platform. The IWFI Community Forum is a dedicated place where you can voice your opinions, complaints, and concerns about the need for a fast broadband Internet service in Australia. Here, you are free to rant, introduce yourself, and share your story.


“The i Want Fast Internet was built to promote awareness and help give voice to the people who were left out in the nbn™ Rollout Map. IWFI advocates for a topnotch quality Internet for Australians, no matter if they are in the metropolis, or out in the outback. Our aim is to build petitions that can be used as political voice for people who want a fair go at receiving fast, reliable, and affordable broadband,” quipped Ryder Stanton, IWFI Website Manager.




As an advocacy group, IWFI aims to make a profound difference in the Internet browsing experience in Australia by being the voice that allows netizens to be heard and to effect positive change in the country. It serves as a community website where everyone concerned can discuss the challenges and controversies surrounding the National Broadband Network (nbn™), updates on the nbn™ rollout, the state of the Internet connections especially in the regional, rural, and remote areas, and other timely issues affecting the digital economy of Australia.

“The website was launched so people can discuss about the relevant issues on Australia’s internet conundrum and how it will affect not only residents, businesses, and industries, but also Australia’s digital growth,” added Stanton.

This petition site highlights the importance of having a speedy and quality Internet system as a development tool for a sustainable economy.

If you’re fed up with false promises of a fast and reliable broadband and tired of waiting for a better Internet service, come join fellow Australians who are in pursuit of a better network and let your voice be heard. Visit us at http://iwantfastinternet.com.au/forums/

Alice Ogilby

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