Eero is the Smart Home Wi-Fi System You’ve Been Waiting For

EeroSmart Wi -Fi

If you’re tired of buffering and wants to get rid of dead zones in your home, finally, there’s a new Wi-Fi  solution that is truly worth your hard-earned money.

Introducing the Eero, the smart home Wi-Fi system you’ve been waiting for! It is dubbed as the “World’s First Home Wi-Fi System” that effectively blankets your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi. It aims to offer an all-in-one way to eliminate dead spots and other network gremlins.

According to Co-founder and CEO Nicholas Weaver “Eero aims to perfect through design the most underrated device in the home: the Wi-Fi router.”

Eero is not just a router, but a seamless system composed of three devices acting as multiple hubs that communicate to one another that can be controlled using a smartphone. Each of them does a triple function as a router, a range extender, and a wireless access point that essentially create a mesh network in your home.

With the rapid rise of connected devices in the ‘Internet of Things’ era, every corner of your home will soon require a solid Internet connection. Eero can help provide a stable home connection and guide direction on where to place the routers for optimal performance. The system will also automatically push software updates over-the-air, so users will always have the latest security patches to counter evolving hackers.


Setting up a Wi-Fi network is a nightmare for most homebound people. With Eero, the Wi-Fi setup is now fun and fast, which may be done in a minute or two. Setup is simple in just three easy steps, namely:

  1. Unplug your modem. If you have other wireless equipment connected to your modem, please unplug it as well.
  2. Connect your Eero to your modem using the Ethernet cable. You can use either of the Ethernet ports on the back of your Eero.
  3. Plug your Eero in with the power adaptor that came in the box.

The three Eero units are enough to cover a regular mid-sized home including your backyard. As soon as they are  plugged in, they automatically band together into a single network and transfer data between them, giving you the same equal speeds in every area of your house. The Eero can broadcast both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band frequencies to support your multiple mobile devices. The devices run diagnostics, automatically download security fixes, and send weekly digests about network activity to the user.


Minimalistic Design Say goodbye to ugly router antennas! Eero sports a sleek and clean design so it doesn’t need to be hidden anywhere. A single Eero is around 5×5 inches (12x12cm) and with its simplistic design, it should be suitable for most interiors. When it comes to internal mechanics, it comes with 512MB RAM memory, 1GHz processor, and 1GB storage space. The presence of multiple nodes helps prevent the network from overloading. As more devices connect and as they stream more data, the distributed Eero system keeps any one device from becoming too saturated.

Integrated app The app is paired with the first Eero by means of a Bluetooth. This app allows users to manage their network. They will know, for instance, how many devices are connected to the router through this app. It also has a speed test built into it. The app also provides tips on where users can place or locate their Eeros for maximum performance.

Simple Management Eero makes password management simple. People joining the network are split into three groups: “owners,” “users,” and “guests.” Owners have full administrative rights, users can invite guests, and guests solely can access the network. Users can simply be added through the accompanying Eero app. For anyone who wants to join the network who doesn’t have the app, an owner can easily text them the password.

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